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Why Is Promotion Important In The Music Industry

Promoting your work no matter the industry is always essential for growth, and due to the music industry being one of the most competitive, we cannot stress the importance of promotion enough, even more so when you are looking to grow your brand and audience. Promoting your music will get you the audience you deserve.

Outstanding Results

With our specialist marketing techniques and large email lists we are able to deliver outstanding results. Our Soundcloud and Spotify promotion services can land you up to 150k organic plays.

Great Prices

We take pride in offering outstanding promotion at a great price. Our Soundcloud and Spotify promotion packages start at £11 and go all the way up to £99.

Money Back Guarantee

If you feel like you are not getting the results we have promised after your purchase of any package, please feel free to message us and ask for a refund.

Premium Marketing

On our premium promotion packages we offer specialist targeted social media marketing campaigns. our premium marketing techniques are what make our customers so happy.

Fast Support

At Bassline Promotions we offer 24/7 support. We have staff at all ends of the globe, meaning if you have a question or need some help we’ll have someone available.

Organic Promotion

Our Soundcloud and Spotify Promotion services are 100% organic. We are always finding new ways to maximise organic growth and help our clients get the audience they deserve.